Moving away to Preston I had to say goodbye to quite a few important people in my life, this contained my mum, dad and brother. Even though Luke had already moved out to live with his girlfriend Carrie-Ann we still spoke often and I got to see him a lot, however now that Ive moved out aswell its quite hard getting to see my brother as much as I would like to. To say I’ve been at university for 4 months now the only time I’ve really been home was for Lukes 21st, my 19th and Christmas, this is purely for the fact that I cant afford to go home as much as I would like to, as travelling from Preston to Worksop it costs me about £40 return with a rail card, luckily my boyfriend comes up to see me so I still get the time with him but I don’t get much time with my family.
Even though I don’t see them as often I do still text my mum everyday, I would say my relationship with my family has improved since I’ve moved out as before me and my dad would argue a lot but from moving out I’ve come to appreciate more what my dad actually does for me.
When it comes to family for me I do have a big family with my parents having quite a few brothers and sisters but since I’ve moved away I’ve come to realise that the only family who still keep in contact and keep up to date with how I am are obviously my brother, mum and dad but the others are my grandparents.
Another person who I seem to count as family would probably be Lukes girlfriend Carrie-Ann (She is the girl in the second image with the boy who is Luke), her and my brother have been together for about 3 years I think? She has been very supportive with me moving to university as she is at university at the minute, her and luke are both at Nottingham trent together, so she knew how I would be feeling moving away.


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