Fresh Start

Well its been a while since I lost posted anything, to be honest its been quite difficult finding the time to post anything. Since the last post I left college with triple distinction and moved to Preston to come to the University of Central Lancashire to study Fashion and Brand Promotion with Journalism, I have also got a boyfriend called Joseph weve been together nearly 9 months so a lot of my time was spent with him when I was free from college, I also worked part time at Vodafone before moving away.
erm what else has happened?
I’ve been at university for about 4/5 months now and I do love it, its been quite a lot of hard work in semester 1 and its just going to carry on in semester 2 but im learning all about things that I love so its all good!
I was unsure when I came to university because I didn’t know anyone here, moving 3 hours away from home is quite scary and daunting but I am lucky as my flatmate Hayleigh is also on my course and she is now my best friend and I am grateful to have her here aswell, I also have 2 other flat mates, I started the year off with 3 others but 2 have left since then and then got a new one.
I will probably just post random things from my university work to clothes that I buy to just anything random!


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