This weekend

Sorry I’ve not had the time to post this weekend, it’s just been so packed full of stuff, well Saturday was Valentine’s Day, my first Valentine’s Day with Joe and normally I’m not a massive fan of it all, I’ve always had bad memories associated with it all, but this year was different, this year I had a man who actually wanted to make me smile and spoil me rotten.

The picture shows all my gorgeous presents off him, I’m absolutely in love with the Marc Jacobs watch, I’ve wanted one for quite a while, the only slight problem is that it is quite a big fit so I have to have it on one of the smallest holes. What else did we do? Oh yes we went around Meadowhall whilst Joe did shopping for his games, then a trip to the cinema was definitely needed, the cinema was clearly packed with people going to see 50 shades of grey…… Did I see that? Of course not, I went to see Big Hero 6. I am a massive Disney film and that one was amazing, I wasn’t sure what to expect from it after only seeing a few adverts, but Disney once again have shown how amazing they are, gripping from start to finish! If anyone is going to see it, wait until the end as there is a little secret clip after the credits! Joe then treated me to a lovely meal at Frankie and Bennys, if you’ve never been you need to go, I love it, the food is always delicious.
Well that was day one of my busy days, Sunday was then spent with the family going around MacArthur Glen (a retail outlet) where I got 2 more Calvin Klein lipsticks, I will post a review once I’ve tested them, then spending the day with my brother and his girlfriend at theirs and going out for a meal with all of them.
The busy day didn’t stop once I eventually got home as I had to pack to come back to university today.
Will post more when I get chance!☺️


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