Time to catch up!

hi guys!

Sorry for the very late post, just been so busy with university work, finishing university, packing up my flat, moving home and unpacking. 

So I’ve been home about a month now and honestly, I miss my freedom of university! Now I have to do all the chores I missed out on, the only good thing? Having my food cooked for me and it not just being pasta everyday!

So since my last post, what have I been doing? 

Well I started writing for the UCLan Tab and posted an article about fashion students so if you’re interested about that give it a read, here’s the link; http://uclan.tab.co.uk/2015/05/08/stop-taking-piss-fashion-degrees/

In the first week of being home I celebrated my boyfriend turning 21 and our 1 year anniversary!πŸŽ‰πŸ’•  I’m not the best at baking but as it was Joes 21st I tried to do something good for him, with the help of mum of course! 


For our anniversary we went to TGI Fridays, the first time for me and it was lovely, I would definitely return there even if it’s just for these huge cocktails and time with my love!πŸ’•

 What else? I helped my brother and his girlfriend move into their new home in Coventry, hate that they live so far away now but at least they’re happy. I’ve also grown a new addiction to buying the Disney Tsum Tsums, here’s a picture of my collection so far and I have more on the way! 

What else? Started watching Desperate Housewives again from the start, as you can tell I have more spare time now so I shall start posting more about makeup and clothes.

The rest of the summer I will be attending my brothers gradation, going on holiday with my family and hopefully a weekend away with my boyfriend, I will keep you updated with pictures of my outfits, makeup ideas a and just random things that I like!☺️


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