College clean up

finally after nearly a year of leaving college I’ve decided to sort out my college work. Before I just shoved it into whatever boxes I could find, but I decided I didn’t want to see two years of work go to waste and get ruined.  

These are just a few of the pieces I designed and manufactured over two years. 





  After finding my garments it’s made me miss designing and manufacturing even though I love the course I’m doing. 

I also managed to find my very first sketchbook from my first year and I realise how much I’ve improved since then.  

       To think how empty the sketchbook is compared to the ones I do now where I’m adding pages is unreal. 

 This is the sketchbooks/folders purely from my college course missing a few from moderations.  I do think it was a good idea going to college and doing Clothing and Textiles rather than going to Sixth Form and doing A Levels, it meant travelling everyday but it prepared me quite a lot for working hours on ends at one project, and managing money to be able to afford little things to make my project look better. 

If there was any one debating between college and sixth form I would recommend college, it was so laid back but strict at the same time. 


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