Shopping trip💳💰

so at the weekend me and my mum decided to go shopping and I have a slight problem with shopping sometimes, I can get a little bit obsessed. 


One thing I really love is having false nails, I’d prefer to have acrylics but the price of them is far too expensive for me so instead I normally get ones from primark until I saw the stiletto ones in superdrug which include 2 sets of nails for £4.65. Which to say normally just one set is about the same price, it’s a good deal. 



    As the nails are clear when you first buy them I decided to pick up a grey nail varnish, the only problem is that they are a lot longer than what I expected them to be. 

  After months of wanting a contouring kit, I finally found one and bought the real techniques sponge. Hopefully this kit is actually really good, there’s so many different ones I wanted to try and I hope the sponge is as good as everyone says. 
I have also got Real Techniques Core Collection brushes on the way, once I have used them I will post a review!☺️


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