Canoeing on the Dordogne

So for many years me and my dad have wanted to go canoeing but mums always said no, she’s never seen the appeal and didnt seem like fun to her, however as that may have been my last holiday with them she finally agreed to go canoeing!

quick selfie before we set off!

Luckily we found a place only 15 minutes away from the house we stayed at in Paunut, the canoeing base was in La Bugue next to an aquarium (which we visited another day) and an old styled village which had been created.

There was many different lengths you could have chosen ranging between 1-6 hours, as we’d never done this before we decided to do the 1 hour one going from Campagne.

preparing ourselves to get in

As we hadn’t initially thought we was going to go canoeing when we left England we hadn’t exactly planned for what we would wear, unfortunately the only shorts I had packed were little mermaid ones and I hadn’t thought to pack any other tops apart from vest tops, as I was only wearing these and forgot to put on some sun cream I ended up burning my back, I am glad it wasn’t on my front as the burn on my back was quite bad.

Canoeing turned out to actually be quite fun, it was quite relaxing going down the Dordogne, however as its quite shallow there are a lot of rocks which the canoe get stuck on, this was quite funny for me and my dad as my mum hated it and kept worrying that we would tip over, even though the water was shallow enough to walk in.

I would definitely recommend canoeing to someone if they’d never been before and I would definitely do it again, even though my arms were killing me afterwards as we all took it in turns to control the canoe on our own, as you can guess my dad was the best at it. 

quick selfie going down the dordogne

So if anyone is contemplating going canoeing one day, you should definitely do it, just try a short one though for your first time!☺️



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