Exploring Bergerac

So even though I go to France every single year, I’ve never been to Bergerac, it’s always been a place I’ve wanted to visit but we’ve never been close enough, however this year we were only 40 minutes away so we were able to go.

Bergerac symbol in one of the car parks

When we first arrived into Bergerac it seemed like quite a small place as it just looked like a long road, until we decided to go down a small side street as it looked as if there was a market down there and it broaded out into more small shops and restuarents, it then led out onto the river where boat trips were being held.
 We visited Bergerac twice in the two weeks were in France, the first time was purely because we hadn’t been before and wanted to see what was there whilst we was looking for a supermarket. After going the first time I decided I wanted to go again to go back into Sephora, luckily the following week we noticed there was a market on which we decided to go to as me and my mum both love the markets. One of the strange things I noticed in Bergerac was the fact that there was a water fountain in the middle of the main roundabout, which isn’t something you would normally see in a town centre.
  At the markets its normally a lot of the villagers selling their own produce, we never end up buying anything but we enjoy looking around and exploring the places, at the Bergerac market we noticed these apples (above image) which were in a bouquet like flowers. My mum loved the look of these and actually wanted to bring some home with her but realised they probably wouldn’t last the journey home.

So as there was a Sephora in Bergerac I just had to treat myself to a few items, first was my Lip balm “Kiss Me” in shade 06 Soda Pop. I like the texture and scent of this as its quite refreshing, however I am slightly disappointed about the colour as I expected it to be quite dark as it looks it, however when its on its a pale pink. Even so, if I was to go back again I would buy another purely because it stays on for quite a while and even after a few hours you can still feel it on your lips.
  My next purchases from Sephora had to be two sprays, they had a huge range of them including shower gels, face masks, soaps and bath bombs in the scents they had. I was tempted to get one of everything but decided I probably wouldn’t use it all. instead I had to decide which scents I wanted, this actually took me quite a while to decide.

in the end I decided on Mango and Green Tea, I decided on these purely because of how refreshing they are, but also the scents were more everyday for me than the others.

  Another purchase I had to have was this super nourishing lip balm, I had to get this purely because I am forever running out of lip balms and had to try Sephoras. So far its been quite good, it does keep your lips super nourished, however it doesn’t do much more than any other lip balm.
I also purchased a face mask however I haven’t used this yet, once I have ill post about it, I would definitely recommend visiting Bergerac if you are close by!☺️


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