Exploring Sarlat

 Even though I visited Sarlat last year with my family, I wanted to go again as we was close enough, Sarlat is a lovely little village with a great history with witchcraft. 

I like to explore these little villages as they have more to show with their little shops and architecture. One of the main reasons I love this village is because of these geese they have in the middle of a courtyard, this is the first year I’ve managed to get a picture of the geese without anyone on them as this is quite a big tourist attraction, and many children sit on them to have their picture taken by family members.   
Another reason I love to go to go this village is the witch shop, last year I went and bought a witch just like the one below and the man was lovely, he spoke English so he was telling me and my mum the story and history, this year we went and there was another witch shop, however the one we went to last year was still more appealing to us even though it had downsized. 

The man from last year still remembered me and my mum and showed us the latest ones he had created, I love the witches purely because of how much detail goes into them as he handpaints them himself.

I picked the witch below for this years purchase purely because it looks like a happy witch, the man then told us that this was the last one he’d created and it was meant to bring good luck so hopefully it does just that!


My mum decided to buy me a witch key ring, even though they don’t have as much detail as the others I still really liked them, the only thing is that the key ring is quite weak so before I use it or put it on my keys I shall have to find a better key ring.  


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