Visiting Aquarium Du Perigord Noir

So this is my last holiday post! Don’t really have much else to tell you about what I did, so I’m ending with my favourite part; going to Aquarium Du Perigord Noir, or as I call it The Reptile Aquarium.   When we did got there I thought it was going to end up being a waste of money like places like sea life as they don’t normally have that many animals and it looks small from the outside.

However I was definitely shocked when we got there, as there was definitely plenty to see and there was many signs in English aswell as French.

I’m not normally a fan of snakes as they can creep me out but I was so intrigued when I saw how huge the anaconda was and the fact it had its own little section with title.
  I had to include this picture of the Python I saw as it really reminded me of the snake from Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone especially with the glass as when I first saw it, it looked as if there wasn’t any glass there, which made my mum panick a little as she doesn’t like snakes at all!  I was really shocked at how many turtles they had! When I found out they had turtles I expected them to have about 10, I was definitely shocked!
  To say the aquarium is popular for the alligators, I expected to them have a lot however they only had about 10 but all in separate places so I was a little disappointed to begin with as I thought there wasn’t many there. I find alligators to be a very interesting animal, even they seemed so peaceful and calm in the aquarium they can be very vicious.   I’m still not entirely sure what this animal is however I just thought it was such an interesting and cute little thing.
  So every time I go to a place like an aquarium I have to treat myself to a little souvenir, so I decided to get a little crodicile which has a little clip on the back so it can be hung up, and also a pencil, normally when j go places the souvenirs are normally expensive but for both of these it was less than 5 euros which is pretty good!



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