My collection of eyeshadows

So like many girls, I am a little obsessed with makeup, one of my main obsessions is eyeshadow. I just can’t get enough of it.  
  As you can probably tell the W7 In The Buff and Barry M Natural Glow Palletes are my oldest and most used, the colours in these are lovely. The W7 Pallete cost me £8 which is really good to say Naked palletes are around £30, the only thing that lets this Pallete down is the fact that every time I use it I have to wet my brush a little with a makeup wipe to get more colour.
  My Barry M Pallete has been amazing so far, and I’ve used it quite a lot, the only let down is that this Pallete cost me around £12 and doesn’t have much of a collection of colours, whereas my W7 one has a lot to pick from, although my Barry M does have a blusher in the Pallete even though I don’t wear blusher very often it could be beneficial to someone who does.     So my latest addition to my eyeshadow palletes would be the W7 In The Night Up In Smoke, I went to a beauty shop at Junction 32 with my family and they had the W7 palletes on sale at £5.99 so obviously I had to have one, I decided to go for these colours purely because it has a range of dark and lights, however the picture doesn’t do the colours much justice as a few of the dark ones have a little sparkle in them. The only downside again with the W7 pallete is needing to wet my brush before applying the shadow, which isn’t much of a problem but if i was in a rush and wanted a lot of colour it would take me longer. Even so I would definitely recommend the W7 palletes purely because they are a good price and you get really good quality for your money. I will probably end up going back and getting some more soon.


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