Recent benefit purchases

So my absolute favourite makeup brand must be Benefit, the makeup is just gorgeous and the packing really reflects the brand. Every time I go near a benefit stand I end up buying a new product purely because the  finish with the makeup is just amazing, the quality of the makeup is definitely worth the price. I would rather spend more money on a more expensive brand and get a better finish rather than buying cheap makeup and being disappointed.

so a few weeks ago when I was still at home I went to Meadowhall, a shopping centre in Sheffield, and the girl on the Benefit counter offered me a free makeover, of course I couldn’t say no!
I wanted to buy every product she used, but if that was to happen then I would definitely be poor.
Instead I bought the “that gal” primer and “they’re real push up liner”, “they’re real mascara” and “they’re real remover”.

 I had to keep the packaging from this primer purely because of how different and unique it was, not many brands make their packaging as interesting as Benefit do.
  I really like this primer purely because I’ve used different primers before and they’ve basically not lasted very long or just didn’t work as a primer. With a few primers I’ve used before I had to use quite a lot to get a decent finish, however with this one I only have to use a little bit and when I first put it on my skin it creates a pink look to my skin which comes from the pink within the primer, however thus settles after a few seconds and creates a smooth finish once I’ve applied my foundation.So my other purchase was the mascara, eye liner and the remover. I was just going to buy the eyeliner separately however on its own its £18.50 and they had the deal with the mascara and remover for £19.50 so I thought it was better to try the other products for an extra pound.
 The mascara is really good, normally when I’m doing my mascara I end up having to use two to get the effect I want but with the Benefit they’re real one I get the effect straight away, also the they’re real push-up liner is a lot better than other eyeliners I have used because of the angled AccuFlex™ tip it hugs the eyelashes. the eyeliner lasts for quite a while and also doesn’t smudge which is very handy.  Finally, the remover is also extremely good as normally many removers don’t actually remove all of the makeup however this remover does actually remove it, it works brilliantly to remove the eyeliner and mascara which are quite difficult to get off with normal makeup wipes.


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