Where do I start?

So once again I have fallen behind on the blogging, university work has literally just taken over my life, so I began semester one again in September, only now as a second year. They tell you second year gets harder but you never realise just how full on it well get, in the last 3 months I’ve had 2 semester long projects for fashion, one working alongside Gola and a portfolio for journalism with an ethics test thrown in there. Unlike many of my classmates I had to get all of my work done before Christmas as I am currently travelling to Guangzhou in China and I will be there when the deadlines are, whilst writing this post I am currently sat in an airport in Turkey however these posts may not upload until I am back in England.
So why am I going to China? Well I am going with a few of the journalism students, we are going over to meet fellow students and do videos about food, so think the YouTube videos of American people try British candy, well this will be British people try Chinese food but not the normal food, the food that is unique and different.
Whilst there we will also get the chance to go up the Canton Tower and visit the zoo, hopefully I will get loads of pictures to document the trip and these shall be uploaded when I can!


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