Arriving in Guangzhou

 So as my flight to Guangzhou contained two flights, Manchester to instabul and then instabul to guanzghou, I definitely wasn’t looking forward to it! Especially as I’m not a massive fan of flying, however the flights weren’t that bad, the only bad thing was the food! Here are images of the food we had on the planes. 
This was classed as breakfast and the only bit I could eat was the sandwich and that was a bit rubbery.  
This meal wasn’t that bad, it was edible however I still couldn’t eat all of it as it wasn’t that nice!

  I thought this meal was going to be nice as it was beef fillets however it had a bit of a kick to it, the bread cob was really nice though!

My favourite thing about the place journey , other than being able to watch films I haven’t seen yet, was the fact that you could actually view outside the plane with this camera, you could even watch the plane landing!

  I had to take an image of this to share with you all, this was the back of my departure card to leave China, it made us all laugh with the term “alien”.  So after leaving England on 4th January at 4pm GMT and landing in Guangzhou at 6pm GMT+8, we was absolutely shattered but managed to quickly get refreshed and changed before heading out to a local Hunan restaurant to a warm welcome from the Chinese students.
After enjoying a lovely meal, it was time for bed after a very long day to prepare ourselves for the next few days. 


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