My first day in Guangzhou

So my first day in Guangzhou consisted of going to meet the Chinese students and the teacher Matt at their university (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies). The next few images are just a few images I took on the walk from my hotel to the university, it was quite like a park which we walked through with shops for the students as this was still classed as their campus. 

Once we had met the Chinese students and figured out what was going to be happening over the duration of the trip, we decided to have a walk around the area with everyone to see what there was and so we knew what was local.

When walking around we found a local man selling chestnuts and sweet potatoes, obviously when in China you have to try the local food (I know you can get these in England but how many times do you find it being sold on the street?). The sweet potatoes were definitely the best thing, I think he cooked them like we would jacket potatoes so I have purchased some in England and I will attempt to make them like he did so I will keep you updated on if that actually works or not!

  When we carried on our walk we found a restaurant (we didn’t go in as it looked quite posh!), this restaurant was quite different as it was a seafood type place you picked out what you wanted and they cooked it for you. This is a good idea if you are picky on what you like but it can be quite squeamish seeing the seafood alive and moving around in the water.

    As we carried on walking, we found what it is called a “Wet Market”, this is basically a massive indoor market which sells a range of products, from fruit and vegetables to meat and live poultry. This is not a place for someone who doesn’t like meat or someone who gets squeamish looking at someone hacking up meat or chickens/geese wandering around ready to be sold, also at this market was different types of sea food, the one which freaked me out the most was the fact that there was baby turtles being sold, they were tied up in a net.  Another strange thing was there was a chopped up pig opened up and the head had been put separate, it was quite disturbing. It was interesting to see the difference between an English market and a Chinese market.

IMG_3530IMG_3531IMG_3540After walking around the wet market we found a department store which had a supermarket inside, as we were quite hungry we looked around and I fund bottles of pepsi and what I assumed were malteasers, the other things I got were a bit like a breakfast bar you get in England called Nutrigrain, however these all taste different to the ones at home, the pepsi is a lot sweeter and the chocolate is completely different to chocolate at home.IMG_3547

After a long day of walking around the Chinese students decided to take us out for Chinese hotpot, obviously when we heard hotpot we thought of chicken hotpot, obviously this was not the case. When we first arrived this was the layout of the table, the pots we used were wrapped up which you had to unwrap and use the tea (in the container) to clean the pots aswell as the chopsticks.IMG_3551Chinese hotpot is basically a pan of boiling water (see below) which is used to boil meat, this sounds nice (ish), if the pieces of meat had been nice, however we had meat such as the liver, the heart, the intestines, etc. I thought the vegetable leaves would have been nice, however they were boiled after the meat had been boiled so the water had the flavouring of the meat.IMG_3553IMG_3556After going to the hot pot we went to a bar around the corner from our hotel called Bai Potato where we all enjoyed a few drinks and some more food as we were still hungry as we wasn’t too fond of the hotpot.IMG_3558IMG_3561


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