A day in the city 

 Sorry everyone I’ve been busy with university work and other writing articles so I haven’t had the chance to finish telling you all about China! 

So day three consisted of doing what I originally went to China for, interviewing and trying food, however this day didn’t go as originally planned. Myself, a fellow classmate (Beth) and two of the Chinese students went to The Four Seasons hotel. The next couple of images are images from places surrounding the hotel and inside the hotel aswell as the view from inside the hotel.   
  The four seasons hotel is part of the IFC (international finance centre), it takes up floors 74-98 which makes the view very incredible as you can tell from the next few images.   

 After about an hour in the four seasons hotel the Chinese students wanted to take us shopping and of course we was hungry, who where else to go when you’re in China? McDonald’s of course!    As a fashion student whenever I go somewhere new like a different country I like to take pictures of the window sisplays, China was no different, I took these two because they really stood out to me, this was in Grandiew Mall. 

 This was an ice skating rink that was actually inside the Mall, aswell as this there was a small aquarium. These really stood out to me as you wouldn’t expect to find an ice skating rink or an aquarium in places such as Meadowhall or The Trafford Centre!  
  After a long day of walking, none of us really wanted to go out to eat, so instead we went to the local Italian and asked for takeaway pizzas. So that was the end of day three, i shall shortly upload the rest of the days to get you updated as soon as possible! 


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