Cycle Canton

So once again I haven’t finished updating about China, this time its because of a new project I’ve started but I will fill you in on that when I am able to!
Anyway on this day we had organised to go on a bike ride with a group called ‘Cycle Canton”, obviously we took a lot of pictures so I have included most of them for you to see, the first one is the majority of us just sat in a resturant called Happy Monk just relaxing before the long day on the bikes.  After we had signed a declaration saying we wouldnt sue the company if anything happened we was ready! Looking slightly weird in our helmets, heres an image of me and Jack.
  Our fancy looking bikes, suprisingly they were actually quite comfy!  As the whole trip to China was about food, on the bike ride we kept our eyes out for how the food is prepared/cut etc, so in England you wouldnt really see the meat or vegetables just on the side like this but in China its apparently normal for this.
  So if any of you know me then you know i like sweet things, so i couldnt really go to China and not try their candy, this is an image of the different candy they had on this one stall, i’ve got to say i was in sugar heaven! 
After we had cycled for a while and got some snacks for us to try, we went to a park, ive realised that Chinese parks are nothing like the English parks with swings etc, instead in this park people would play traditional chinese games (i couldnt quite understand what the game was), they would dance, the below image is of many people dancing together, we tried to join in but we couldnt get the hang of it. Chinese parks are very popular and the park we went to was no different and it was very busy.
  Going on from the park, we found a temple where we stayed for a while, taking pictures of the sites and of course finding the gift shop! I was shocked to say in England when you go different places you can get all kinds of tacky souvenirs, however in this gift shop i could only find one magnet with Guangzhou on, everything else were expensive crystals and items like that.
Of course in a place like this temple we all had to have a “Team China” photo.
  As you can tell from the next image, this temple was a very beautiful building,it did help when i took the image that the lighting was perfect.
  After a very long hard day of riding bikes, we all decided to go back to Happy Monk, the resturant we met at that morning, as it was the first place we found which sold “normal food” which basically meant Western styled food, of course this made us all extremly happy and of course they had my favourite cocktail Cosmopolitan. Couldn’t go wrong in that resturant.

   Now after updating you on that day, I have made myself hungry thinking about the glorious food, so until next time!



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