A day in Foshan

So as we had spent a lot of our time in Guangzhou, we wanted to see another city in China without travelling far, so we took to the metro to Foshan. As you can see from some of the pictures, Foshan was a very lively place, all of these images are taken in the same place and this was a type of temple which then lead to different things. One of the main reasons we went into this place was because of the lion dancing, this was something i wasn’t expecting to be so amazing but it was such a great experience to witness, however it was extremely loud at some points as they had people playing really loud drums.

  So the lion dancing is pretty hard to describe, its basically a bit like a dance studio would create a routine and show it in front of people, but in this case it was children under 16 learning a dance in a  lion costume, partway through the routine they would stop in front of people dangling charms/bobble heads in a way to earn some money. obviously you can’t go to one of these experiences and not get involved, so i got one of the bobble heads and it is now currently sat on my book shelf.

As you can see from the above pictures, the lion dancing is quite a popular event which people go to, there were many people stood up watching as well as there being plenty of seats so you can see that even though its small space people do cram in so they can see it. Even though it was a great thing to watch i don’t think i would go ahead, its good to say I’ve seen it and yeah it was good but the next time it will probably just be the same routine, but i would recommend to people to go and watch one if you get the chance.
  so this image was again taken in the same place, it was just around the corner from other things and this was a chinese tradition where they would buy one of the banners with the orange attached, make a wish and then throw it up in the tree and the further up the tree it went the better. I thought this was such a lovely idea, however I’m rubbish at throwing so my wish would definitely not have come true if i had tried it. However, the Chinese students we were with did attempt it and i think theirs went pretty high up.
next to these trees were these beautiful ponds with plants and of course i had to take a few pictures as i just couldn’t believe how beautiful this little place was.
I honestly wish that these pictures did this place justice as it was such a lovely area, in this location was a little shop where you could get your name on a grain of rice and its then placed into a necklace, of course i had to get one, I’m a sucker for jewellery, but i thought this was such a lovely little souvenir as you can’t really get am thing like that in England and when you do its cheap and tacky!


Right, now I’ve updated you on that day i now have 4 more posts and then we’re finally up to date with China! so, until next time!



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