An Indian festival.. in China

Yes as you can tell from the name, I was a bit struck that there was an Indian festival in China, purely because I hadn’t gone to China for Indian, but nevertheless i do love a good indian so of course i had to check out, the below image was basically the first thing you saw, girls dressed up and all the yummy food.
    I wasn’t really sure what to get to eat when there as i don’t like things too spicy so i played it safe with a garlic naan bread, of course i was still hungry after that so i also got some samosas but i was that hungry i forgot to take a picture of it. The great thing about the indian festival was that you could see your food being prepared, for me i love that cause i can be quite fussy sometimes!

After we had been to the indian festival and had a good wander around, we decide to explore more as we was actually on an island for this festival so the below picture shows that we was on an island but it also shows you how badly polluted china is. I knew it was polluted but i didn’t actually realise how much it was polluted until looking back on these pictures.

Of course, wandering around a small island it can get a bit boring so we decided that we was going to try and find the four seasons hotel which we had previously visited, baring in mind it was 4 english girls and none of us knew a word of chinese, we had no idea what we was doing.

The below image shows you that to get back to the main land we basically had to walk across the chinese motorway, of course in England you wouldn’t even be able to do this but the Chinese are different to us and actually have a path for people to walk along.

luckily we did manage to get across and on our way we found a small little shopping centre and i of course spotted a hello kitty cafe straight away, can’t beat a bit of hello kitty!

This was my favourite resturant that i saw, i even had to send the picture to my mum as soon as i got wifi as it was just a cute little name, i mean i would definitely take my mum there if i wanted to thank her for anything!
  When i was at the Indian festival, i couldn’t exactly walk away without having not gotten any henna now could i? please excuse my groggy nails, i didn’t get them done before i went away!
 Right, now we’re getting a little bit closer to being fully updated and then I will be back to normal as I have quite a lot of new products to put on here for you all and of course i went out and got a haul of nails…oops i shouldn’t but i just couldn’t help it so when I’m fully updated those will be up and then after that i will have more to fill you in on,

so until next time!



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