Morning Tea in China

 So seeing as morning tea is a completely different thing to what we presume morning tea to be, we decided to check out what it was like especially as our Chinese friends said it was good!

This was the square which was next to the place we went for food, it reminded me of a smaller Chinese version of Times Square.   So this is just an image of some of the food that was available at morning tea, during my time on China I realised that most of their meals age buffet styled and they would eat so much!

  It was good for tourists (like myself) who wanted to try everything, obviously there were some things that I wouldn’t try. Such as the chicken feet pictured below, we got Elliott to try these and from his initial reaction I decided against it. Even though there was some food that was just gross, there was also some quite nice stuff.   And of course when we found another Starbucks I had to try a Green Tea Frappuccino,  purely because everytime in England I’ve said I’ve wanted to try one but we just don’t have them! It was actually quite nice, I only had a and small and I couldn’t drink it all because it was just soo sweet!we then ventured around this area and found a Buddhist temple, which of course made me ridiculously happy as I love Buddhism.   So here are a few pictures I took whilst I was there, of course the pictures just don’t do the area justo do, it was just a beautiful place. 
 Right that’s another day updated, until next time!



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