You can’t beat an exciting day in Canton Tower

From when I first found out I was going to Guangzhou and I researched the area, I knew I wanted to visit the Canton Tower.From being in China you can actual see the tower from many places. As you can see from below, the tower is huge, the below images is taken from looking up at the tower. 


The view out of the tower was amazon have, no matter where you looked out at it was amazing, the below image is of one of the beautiful views.       

We was very lucky to be able to have afternoon tea in the French revolving restaurant, the below image is a picture of the food we tried. The food was amazing, it helped that we was all starving though aswell. 
   During my day at Canton Tower I was very fortunate to ace the opportunity to interview the General Manager of the Tower. The below pictures are of me interviewing him, he was such a lovely man, he had even practiced sentences in English to say.   

On one of the floors in the tower, was a section which jutted out with a glass floor and me being me didn’t actually realise this until I was stood on it and was told to look down. Not the best of things for someone is scared of heights but the below picture is of me before I was told to look down. 

  The last picture in this post is of the skyline from the top of the tower, on the top of the tower was the bubble cars and a sky drop, as everyone else decided to go on the sky drop I went on with them, and oh my the vie was incredible but the drop was bloody awful!! 

Anyway, until next time!



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