Seeing Guangzhou from the Pearl River

As my mum is a teacher she wanted me to try and get we some Chinese New Year stuff as when I got back it would shortly be the new year, all of this stuff really interested me especially with all the bright colours, also as this year was the year of the  monkey and my mum always calls her “her little monkey” 🐒.

I was really shocked at how cheap the new year stuff was, I was able to get quite a lot for under 100 RMB which is equivalent to £10!  We were really lucky to then be able to go on the boat trip down the pearl river, there was an option to have a buffet with the trip but apparently the buffet isn’t very nice so we just had the normal boat trip. The images below show what the boat trip was like, obviously it doesn’t do the buildings justice as they were lit up but you can see how amazing the trip was.       
  Finally I am up to date and this is the last post to tell you about my trip as the following day we went home!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip as much as I enjoyed going.

Until next time!



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