Dining alone

So this post is a little random for many people but I know others will relate.

I’ve never properly dined alone, I’ve been to places McDonald’s and subway etc but that doesn’t really count, I’ve never sat in a restaurant or a fancy cafe and dined alone.

Until today. 

So today I was just out and about in the town where I live for Univeristy when I got hungry, of course, but I just couldn’t decide what to have until I walked past marks and Spencer’s and remembered all the times me and mum wanted to go. 

Then there’s the hard bit of picking what I wanted, I mean the first time dining out on my own it has to be something fancy and nice.

So I chose the afternoon tea for one at £6.95.  A little pricey for a student but a treat was needed.   I am one of those people who hide behind their phones to not bring attention to myself but today I actually put the phone down and enjoyed people watching.

Now I’m wondering why was I so bothered about dining alone? I live alone, I spend most of my time alone.

If you’ve never dined alone, I would definitely recommend it, you get to take your time and just relax with the world around you.

Until next time!


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