Good Friday in Scarborough

So as the weather was absolutely lovely on Good Friday, my parents decided to go to Scarborough for the day and I tagged along, of course.

As you can see from the below pictures, I did treat myself a little bit whilst there, but who wouldn’t when you see a few things that you really like?

So this first image is of some star wars figurines that me and my mum won in the 2p slots. Every time I go to the seaside, I have to go on the 2p slots its just a must. obviously it makes it better when you win something like we did.

so my second image is Kim Kardashians book by Sean Smith, I am actually a massive fan of the Kardashians and I find they are quite interesting people, I wanted to buy this book before but being a student on a budget I couldn’t really pay out £15 for a book, so I was over the moon that I found it at £4 instead.
When I first started studying fashion at college I did a project about the 1960s/70s so my mum found these books about them and I managed to find the one about the 1980s whilst at scarborough, I couldn’t say no at 50p either!

So because I am mad about American sweets and candy and all that kind of stuff, whenever I go shopping and see a shop with American food in I have to go in and purchase something, that’s not to say that my mum tries to stop me and says its a waste but what does she know? she’s never tried it! so this time I ended up treating myself to a few new things, I love red vines, they’re probably  my favourite so I had to get them, plus ive had one of the oreo brownies before and just fell in love and I don’t like normal brownies so that just shows amazing it is.

So I then found this cute little shop called Bibelot Bee, they had lots of little knick knack stuff for in the house and then big fabric patches for bedrooms, I love little shops like those so I just had to look in and I found this gorgeous bag, its bigger than what I would normally buy but I couldn’t resist this as it was just too nice and only £12.99! I was going to buy a Jasper Conran bag from the sale in Debenhams at £40 but then I thought about how much I could buy in Disneyland when I go instead.

I’m not sure if ive mentioned in other posts about how much I love Buddhas, like I love Buddhism its just an amazing religion to me and I collect a lot of Buddhas, so when I saw this cute little Lucky Buddha necklace I just had to buy it.

My last purchase was these lovely sunglasses, I am an expert at losing sunglasses so I tend to not spend a lot on them. These were a bargain at just £2 from a shop that literally sold everything, I think it was a bit like a pound stretcher but in Scarborough. They will do me just perfectly when it gets to summer.
So, that was just a quick post about my Good Friday in Scarborough, I will try and get back into posting more but my schedule has been busy lately with university work and then I will be going Disneyland Paris on the 4th April so keep your eyes peeled for those blog posts!


Until next time



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