lets get updated

So once again, I’ve been bad at keeping you updated, so I’ve updated the layout giving you something new and fresh to look at.


So I don’t tend to upload pictures of myself onto here but i was excited about the opportunities I’ve had lately.


So my last post was actually a post that i created for part of my journalism portfolio, but i actually quite enjoyed doing that post so once I’m sorted again i will probably have a mess around doing those types of posts.

Since my last post, i have finally finished my second year at university and i have moved back home for summer, I have also been quite lucky with opportunities that I’ve had the past few months, I’ve been to Disneyland Paris with my family so i shall upload those posts and inform you about my amazing trip, I then had a day in Paris which is absolutely amazing so again i shall inform you on that.

I was also very fortunate to go and see 5 Seconds of Summer for free as a journalist to review the show, that was with my university newspaper so i will post that review on here and upload a few images for anyone who is interested in those.

I have also, of course, spent more money on make up and nails so there shall be a few posts about makeup that I’ve been using and even a few outfit posts. over the summer i will be trying to post as much as i can but I also have an amazing opportunity starting on Wednesday but i will post about that once i know more about what i will be doing but i am very excited for this and it is something that will help me with my career.

My blog is now going to be one of those where i post what interests me, rather than just travel and beauty, i am going to try and do quite a few different things, partly to challenge me with my writing but also to keep me writing throughout the summer in preparation for my final year so maybe a few of my posts may not interest you but i would love if you could read them and check them out anyway!


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