Contour Palettes: which is the best?

So obviously a lot of people will buy contouring palettes and end up not actually using it as it doesn’t end up being the best one for them.

I have used quite a few different products to get the right style of contour for me, purely because I like a subtle contour rather than a full face contour. Because of this I tried out cheaper brands and separate products and even a few high end pieces. From the contour sticks from Technic to Revolutions scult and contour palette, to the more high end brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills and Benefit.

The first product I want to show you is the Revolution Sculpt and Contour Kit. This image shows I have used this product quite a lot, but only because I hadn’t found the perfect one yet. This is quite a good product if you can’t afford to spend a lot. From Superdrug or Revolutions website for just £3.50, since this product came out they have released a few more if you are wanting a more detailed contour. However I really liked this product as it wasn’t too dark a contour and was easily blended out. The only issue I had was I didn’t use the blusher part (as you can clearly see from the image) so it was a slight waste.

Another cheaper product is the Technic contour stix, these are a little cheaper than revolution and can be purchased for as little as £2 from shops such as body care. I wasn’t overly impressed with this product as it was more of a cream application rather than powder and I didn’t feel too comfortable with this and I didn’t like the way it applied as it took a lot more blending to give me the look I wanted.

This is a palette which I found quite suitable for the style I wanted. This can be used to create a deeper contour if wanted but it is extremely good for a slight contour as well. It’s a perfect size to slip in your bag as well for overnight stays and you only have the one product to carry.  I was lucky enough to be gifted this during an internship but it’s still a relatively cheap product,Bronze Architect by Sunkissed, this can be found in shops like body care, TG Hughes, ranging from £4-8. This is slightly higher in price than the other two, but once again as I don’t use the blusher (I am already red cheeked) and only use the contour shade rather than the bronzer, it starts to feel like I’m wasting a few shades.

A product I love but hate is the Benefit Hoola bronzer, I love this because the quality is amazing and does last for a very long time. However, depending on which foundation base I am wearing, this can go quite orange on me meaning I don’t get the desired contour look I wanted. On days I want to do a full contour (forehead and nose) I feel like I can’t use this product because of the orange pigment in this. At £23.50 in Benefits stalls in stores such as Boots, Debenhams, Harvey Nichols. This product is a lot higher than Revolution, Sunkissed and Technic. Even so, the product does tend to last longer even with the orange pigment, the only downside is when you’re paying £23 for just one product, you want it to be amazing as you can get cheaper kits with more products.
I saved my favourite till last. Obviously this product is the most expensive as it is Anastasia Beverly Hills, at £39, this product is probably the last one people will buy if they only want a slight contour. I was lucky in that this was bought for me as a present, which I am very grateful for as I couldn’t afford to buy this. I received this in light to medium, it is also available medium to dark and dark to very dark. You can also buy a cream version but I prefer the powder version as I feel I can blend this easier and get the desired look I want. The thing I love the most about this product is that there are 3 different shades you can use to contour with. I love this purely for the fact on different days I want a different contour look, such as days at work and university I prefer a subtle look which is perfect as I can use the lighter brown (Fawn/Tawny) to create this look. It also comes with 3 shades to highlight with. My favourite one of these is Banana, the pale yellow, I use this as a base for highlighting with my glow kit or as a subtle highlight on work days. I could do a whole post on how much I love this product however there are times when this product can go unused.

Overall, I think if you’re willing to spend the money and know you’re going to use the product, then the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit is the right one, however if you just want to trial contouring and see if you like it, I would recommend starting with a cheaper product and building your way up. That’s exactly what I did.

I hope this helps narrow down the choice a little when you’re trying to decide between all the different products!
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