Anastasia is Life💝

I absolutely love the Anastasia products I treated myself to after I got my holiday pay from work and the contour kit I was gifted for my birthday.

Even though I only have the three products at the minute, this is a brand that I will 100% buy from again. I am wanting to try out different products so I am interested to hear what people have tried and what they recommend.

So the products I have purchased, I’m sure you can tell from previous posts, are the contour kit in light to medium, moon child glow kit and the modern renaissance eyeshadow palette.


So the main things I LOVE about these products are the quality. I mean you can get products where the qualities alright and you’ve only spent £4 compared to £36 but these are definitely worth the money.

I wanted the contour kit for quite a while but I just couldn’t justify the money, until I got bought this for my birthday. I had never been so happy to be gifted a product. this is the best contour kit I have ever laid my eyes on.

I’m not the palest of people but I don’t like to do a dark contour, I like to make it look as natural as possible which is why I wanted the lightest shades possible. I like to wear my makeup every day, I know your skin needs days off but I like to do my makeup. This is a great palette for creating a natural look which lasts me all day. I know a lot of people are unsure whether to use cream or powder contour kits, for me personally I prefer powder as I feel if you want to correct it its easier to do so but also you can layer on easier if you want to define your features more. My only issue with the palette has been that the excess from the powder can go into the other sections meaning you can lose out on some of it.

Another product is the Modern Renaissance palette, I fell in love with this palette as soon as I saw images of it all over social media. I knew I just had to get my hands on it, however it did take me quite a while to get this product purely for money reasons. Thank you work for that amazing holiday pay!

The best thing about this palette is how easy it is to mix and match with the shades as well as blending them. I wasn’t sure how they would blend into my skin and create looks that I actually wanted. I also like the fact that even though they are fairly bright colours, there are also the lighter ones which can be used for blending together and creating unique colours. I definitely think this palette is worth the price!

My final product is the gorgeous moon child glow kit. I remember seeing this product all over twitter, and I just couldn’t get over how amazing the colours were. Seeing the swatches of such a gorgeous highlighting kit.

This was a product I put off buying because of the money issues, but once I got my holiday pay, I knew I had to order it. Especially as the Anastasia Beverley Hills UK site had just launched and I definitely had to try this out. I would definitely recommend this highlighting palette for anyone who’s wanting to treat themselves to something new. I love the fact that you can layer on the different shades to create a unique glow and the quality of the shades are incredible.

Let me know about the different Anastasia Beverly Hills products you’ve tried or I should try out!

Until next time,





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