The Body Shop Goodies🛍

Just to clarify before you read, this is not a sponsored post, I just love The Body Shop.

I absolutely love The Body Shop and their products, so when my mum decided we were going to get one of their advent calendars to share. we went for the basic green standard one as when we spoke to one of the ladies there it was one which had the most products we would use. we were also quite lucky and bagged a bargain by purchasing this on Black Friday so we saved £50 on our full shop that day (I got my foundation at the same time).

This post includes the products I chose out of the advent calendar as well as some samples I recieved. I like to try out the different products they have to see what works for my skin type and what doesn’t.
IMG_0555.JPGOne of the type of products I love the most from The Body Shop are there shower gels/creams/whipped lotion. these tend to smell absolutely amazing and I feel like the smell actually lingers and soaks into your skin compared to other shower products. Not only do they smell incredible but they are worth the price as well, especially when you find them in the sales! Ranging from £2 to £10 that is a really good bargain, especially when you’re trying to cut down on products. The ones pictured were ones out of the calendar alongside an Apple Wreath one.


If you’re like me, you love to try different face masks and serums to see what they’re like and if they suit you. These were a few samples that I received from one of the ladies in the store. I haven’t had the chance to try any of these yet, but I will try to get some tested in the next few days, so if you’ve tried them please let me know what they’re like! I have now tried the charcoal one…. i absolutely love this, it had a tingly feeling and initially dried out my face when applying this. However, the next day my skin felt incredible and i had only used a tiny bit! The bigger pot is 75ml for £16 i think, which is quite a bargain for how little you need.


Another little treat I got in the advent calendar was the camomile eye makeup remover. I absolutely love the smell of this and so far its worked amazingly well, its very soothing and gentle on the eyes which is something I have to be extremely careful of, but I’ve only used this a few times so I’ll keep you updated!

I used this again the other day and it stung my eyes, I think I may have put too much on a cotton pad so I will keep trying and keep you updated as to whether this works for me. Apart from it stinging, it was great at removing my makeup. 

So this one isn’t one out of the calendar or a sample but it was fullsizerender-8recommended by the ladies in the store. This is their latest highlighter, the style of it is to just rub the dome on your face, which kind of works but I prefer to use one of my brushes or one of my blenders to dab it on and blend into place. I definitely like this for a summery approach, it won’t be my every day one just yet as you can’t tell on the picture too much but it has a lot of different pigmentation in.

IMG_7380.JPGThis is a swatch of the body shop highlighter on my wrist so you can actually see what the pigmentation is like on me.

 I haven’t included images of these cause it completely slipped my mind and I’ve been super busy with university work, but I also got an eyelash curler and an eyeshadow brush inside the calendar, we also received another brush but my mum stole that one. I absolutely love The Body Shop brushes, the quality of them are just amazing and don’t seem to soak up the makeup as my other ones do. I really want to try their latest Vegan brush collection so please let me know if you have tried them and what they’re like.

A sample I was gifted from my visit to The Body Shop was 2 different foundation shades. I’ve always had the moisture foundation but the woman spoke to me about the fresh nude foundation they offer which is meant to be a lighter coverage but can be built upon. I was given shades 20 and 24, I have tried both of these and so far I prefer shade 24.


This is a hydrating foundation and it definitely makes my skin feel great even after a full day of coverage.  This is a fairly cheap foundation at £15. If you are wanting a change of foundation and The Body Shop works for you I would recommend going in and speaking to the staff as I’m sure they will be able to help you out as much as they helped me.

img_3797-2A product I really wanted to try was the Instaglow Bright Glow, this looked absolutely divine so the lady in The Body Shop put a little bit in a pot for me to try and to see if I liked the liquid highlighter or not. This is in stores for £15, alongside Peachy img_3865-2Glow  and Warm Glow, these are all sold separately but can be purchased together to use as a contour kit. I’ve never really used a liquid one as I tend to stick with my powders. I was fairly surprised that I liked this one as its quite light and not too overpowering, this would be good for someone who doesn’t want to go too out on their makeup. I swatched this so you can actually see how it comes out on the skin.

img_8708-2And my final sample that I recieved is the oils of life sleeping cream. I now have about 3 tubs of this stuff as I adore it! my skin isn’t too dry but at night I can feel it starting to dry out from my makeup so applying this before bed makes me skin feel amazing. I’m not too sure what its supposed to do, but it makes my skin feel hydrated and softer. I never used to apply creams before bed as they always felt quite thick and heavy making it uncomfortable to sleep in, this however, is very light. Whilst being ill and not wearing any makeup, this has been my life saver keeping my skin nice and moisture.  it is more expensive than the rest at £29 for an 80ml tub. the tubs I was gifted are 5ml and its lasting quite a while so far so £29 for an 80ml might actually be worthwhile, but before purchasing definitely ask if they have samples so you can see if it works for your skin or not!


Let me know what samples or products you’ve been trying lately!

Until next time,




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