Recommended Mascaras👁

I am very fussy with mascaras so it has taken me quite a few years to find the perfect ones which don’t irritate my eyes or make them super sensitive.

So obviously I have tried so many different ones, from maybelline great lash to natural collection lash care mascara to benefits roller lash.
Obviously a few of these I tried when I was about 14/15 so I only had a few quid to spend, I still only have a few quid now but still.

I had tried so many and it just kept on irritating my eyes and obviously when you’re younger you just wear it anyway, you’re not that bothered, well I wasn’t.

Until I had to start taking my eyes seriously as I do suffer a lot with my eyes.

So until about 3/4 years ago I just kept trying different ones and spending quite a lot on different mascaras, as they do add up after a while.

This was at a time when I had started to fall in love with benefits products, I was obsessed with them and had to have every single one and it was then that I noticed the roller lash and they’re real.

It mainly started as I am an avid Elle and vogue reader, so as you know they tend to do samples in these and obviously no one turns down a free magazine sample especially of their fave brand.

After using the roller lash, I noticed it didn’t irritate my eyes and I was able to wear this all day without my eyes feeling like they were swelling or running.fullsizerender-2

I decided to then try the they’re real as after speaking to one of the girls on the counter they recommended that this should also be okay as it was a similar formula to the one that I had previously used.

I have used this combination ever since, even venturing into the they’re real primer when it got released (I swear by this on days where I want a natural look). I would highly recommend these mascaras to anyone who suffers with extremely sensitive eyes, obviously this may not work for you!

Another combination set I have only just recently tried are the smashbox photo finish lash primer with smashbox x rated mascara. I decided to try these as they have the minis in my local boots, 4 minis for £15. A bargain really.fullsizerender-3

I like to mix all my mascaras to create a more dramatic look as I don’t like to wear false eyelashes as this tends to irritate me after a while so I was fairly happy to find a new combination so I can create different mascara looks.

Do you have sensitive eyes? Are there any mascaras you’d recommend? Let me know!

Until next time




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