Big News!🎉

Surprise guys! Mid-week blog post, I might actually try to start doing 2 posts a week. Don’t take that for granted!

I guess I’m just enjoying writing all this content about different stuff that I want to post more, but only if my uni work agrees with this. 

So a big thing I wanted to tell you all about, was that the amazing team over at Worksop Body Shop (that’s my home town Body Shop store) sent me over some amazing products!

I know, one of my fave brands sent me some of their new stuff and I have to say, they definitely did not disappoint. 

This image doesn’t do their products justice but I was gifted two of their newest range; Almond Milk & Honey shower cream and body butter, this smells divine. 

I was also gifted two of their drops of youth range, this is their liquid peel, you know the one where you rub on your face and it rubs off your dead skin? What an amazing product! But also their youth concentrate, I think this is to help repair skin and make it more youthful. Definitely need both of these after this degree!

I was also generously gifted their chamomile cleansing oil with a Muslin cloth. I’d heard so many good things and as soon as this arrived I was trying this straight away!

A product I hadn’t really thought to try was their matte lip liquid so I am very excited to give these a go. I was gifted Windsor Rose 032 and Sydney Amaryllis 014.

I will be trying all of this products and definitely keeping you updated and letting you know how they are for me. But I am very excited to get my hands on these and give them a go. 

If you are near Worksop or live near there, I would 100% recommend going in to see the lovely ladies! They are brilliant and know exactly what will help you, they’ve sorted both me and my mum out millions of times. 

I may actually write my reviews out very soon for you guys and get them done mid-week so you have 2 posts from me a week. 

Let me know what you guys think about 2 posts a week, but also about what else you want to see!

Until next time,




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