Makeup Revolution Matte Lip Kit Review💋

The latest product release to come from Makeup Revolution are the new lip kits, a lot of these have been exclusive pending the official release.

I have been following the Makeup revolution account as well as all the tam beauty accounts and their director accounts to see when the new stuff will be released. So I was so excited when I saw these were being released, I’ve wanted to get my hands on the Kylie ones but as 1. I’m a poor student and 2.customs I haven’t been able to. I know these would never live up to Kylie’s lip kits, I wanted to give them a try and see what they’re like.

fullsizerenderThe first kit I tried was “Glory”, I initially really liked this colour as I
thought it was going to be a dark brown and apply nicely, it came out more like a black which I do like but its not appropriate for work.

I like that it does apply nicely, I prefer the liner to the actual liquid lipstick, however after I had worn it for 6 hours at work, my lips started to feel quite caked and it was starting to crack. Not a good look. I wore it again a few days later only for a few hours this time and it didn’t cake, so it may just be after a few hours and after food the texture isn’t the same.


The second kit I tried was “Regal”, I think this colour is a little bit more practical compared to “Glory”, however, its still not one I would wear every day. The formula is exactly the same with “Glory” with the cakeyness. For just £6 each though I don’t find this too much of a problem as I can find ways to make it not feel as caked by wearing the bare minimum and by not wearing it as long.  I do feel slightly disappointed as I am a huge fan of Makeup Revolution and I am a loyal customer to them.

I swatched the liquid lip sticks below so you can see how they actually turn out compared to how they look in the packaging.


Have you tried any? Let me know what you thought of them!

Until next time!




4 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Matte Lip Kit Review💋

  1. Lindsayrose says:

    These are Definetly a decent price but I too experienced the cracking but quite soon after I had applied it, it flaked off onto my teeth I tried it again the next day with the same result the lip liner is great but don’t think I’ll use the lipstick again x sad times z

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