The Body Shop’s Newest Range🎉

So if you saw last weeks post about how fortunate I have been to receive some products from the lovely Worksop team at The Body Shop, you will have noticed the latest range; Almond Milk & Honey. I was gifted this before the release which is very exciting.

On the products it says “For sensitive, dry skin” so if that is you, definitely give this a go! I received the soothing and caring shower cream as well as the soothing and restoring body butter.

As soon as I smelt these products I fell in love, its so sweet yet calming if that makes any sense. I wouldn’t say I have dry or sensitive skin but my elbows are very dry so as well as washing myself with this as you normally do, I also applied extra to my elbows to see how this would help them, and repeated this with the body butter.

After the first initial use my skin started to feel a little bit more moist and not as dry but I still had the dryness. This is probably because I can’t expect everything to work straight away….. I  wish it did though!

I’ve used this practically every day since receiving it, the smell is just too divine to not want to slather myself in it. I have definitely seen the dryness on my elbows improve.

I think this is an amazing product for dry skin, I’m not sure about sensitive skin as my skin isn’t sensitive so I can’t give my opinion on that unfortunately. But I would highly recommend for those who have pesky little dry bits.

As always I recommend going into the stores and speaking to the experts, sampling before buying is always a great way to find out if something works for your skin type or not. If you’re close by to the Worksop The Body Shop then you should definitely nip in and see the lovely ladies who work there.

Until next time!




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