The Body Shop Drops Of Youth💧

So if you’re keeping updated, about two weeks ago I mentioned I was gifted some amazing products and last week I told you guys how amazing the almond milk and honey products were.

Well this weeks post is all about the drops of youth range, I was gifted the liquid peel and youth concentrate.

IMG_0917The liquid peel is the one that has got a lot of people talking, even my mum is intrigued by it and wants to steal this off me! It’s basically used to get rid of all the dead skin on your face that you don’t even realise is there. I thought my skin was actually alright until I tried this and now I’m constantly using this.

On the bottle it says to apply two pumps of this onto your fingertips and rub this all over your face in circular motions, however I tend to pump one and do my face in sections. This is just so I can get more out of it and get more dead skin off my face. It sounds extremely gross and I’m not going to lie it kind of is but your face will feel amazingly soft afterwards. I tend to use this at least twice a week just because I didn’t realise how quickly your skin can become dead and dry.

I probably overdo this but thats just because I love how weird it feels on your skin, but also how soft my skin feels. If you’re not sure if this would be good for you or not cause your skin may be sensitive, as always I recommend going into the store and speaking to the staff cause they’re the experts and can sort you out straight away. For a bottle of this it will cost you £18, however it does last. I’ve been using this 2-3 times a week for the past 2 weeks and I’ve hardly used any of it.

IMG_0920.JPGThe other product in this range was the youth concentrate, I had to include a picture of this packaging because I was just in love with it. It’s the simple things. I really like this serum? I think thats what you’d call it. The box says “Plant Stem Cells The Renewal Power From Nature For Youthful-Looking Skin” so to me that kind of means its going to help skin look more youthful and feel more youthful.

Obviously as I am only 21, I would hope my skin doesnt look or need anything like this really, however when I was gifted this I was IMG_0919extremely curious to find out if it would help as it does say that from the first drop skin appears fresher, smoother and more supple.

I tend to apply this after I’ve washed my face, just apply a few drops on my forehead, cheeks and chin and massage this into my skin. Once its absorbed into my skin depending if its morning ill apply my usual benefit moisturiser or if its at night ill apply my sleeping cream (a review will be coming for this shortly).

I would say I’ve noticed a change in my skin with it feeling fresher, especially in a morning but even when applying this it actually feels like its firming my skin a little. Not too sure if its supposed to feel like that but I can not complain as my skin definitely needs firming up a little bit.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone, it is good for every type of skin but obviously if you’re not sure if it would work for you, nip into your local and they can sort you out. This would cost you £26 and it may look like a little bottle but you really don’t need a lot!

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