London Fashion Week Outfit One

So if you are following me on my social media, you may have noticed I was in London during Fashion Week, I mainly went for a university trip to do some research for my final campaign.

Obviously though I had to make an effort with my outfits, even though I was on a train both days getting from Preston to London but still.

I absolutely love London and I wish I lived there just because I love it that much but here is my outfit from my first day, next week I will upload my second outfit so you can see just what I wore on both days.

So the outfit I wore is practically the same outfit as you have seen from the Solita post, I wore this first for London as I thought it was quite comfy and stylish for London as well as not being over dressy.

So Fur Coat is from Select, a bargain at £34.99, I’m not too sure if they still have this in stock
White long sleeved just don’t care top is from H&M,im not sure how much this cost but it must have been between £7.99-£9.99
Black slip dress is from New Look at £12.99, they now have this in other colours
Black pumps are just cheap ones from Primark
Bag is from New Look at £10 in the sale
Necklace is from Lovisa at £8 in the sale

I loved this outfit and I had to include the two images from sky garden as my friend Lin took some great photos and it made my highlighter and my hair stand out.

Until next time!




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