The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid

So, you’ve probably seen the last few weeks I’ve been uploading every Wednesday about The Body Shop products, well sorry guys its another The Body Shop post!
IMG_1380This time it’s all about the Matte Lip Liquids, the lovely Emma at the Worksop store gave me Windsor Rose 032 and Sydney Amaryllis 014. The Windsor Rose is quite a nice nude for me, its very similar to my own shade so its a good go to for me now and it smells so nice. I know thats so strange, but I love when products actually smell nice as well.
Sydney Amaryllis is a red shade,¬†however its not too red to be able to wear on a daily basis, I haven’t really worn this a great deal compared to Windsor Rose but I do love a good red lipstick and this one is quite a nice shade. I love the bright red ones, however this has more of a pinky tone to it so it doesnt wash my face out as I do struggle with red tones.

After trying these products after about a week, I just had to go back in and get more!

I ended up buying a few things, but these will be shown at a later date!

IMG_1072.JPGThe other two lip liquids I ended up getting were Crete Carnation 030 and Sicily Iris 019. Crete Carnation is a perfect one to combine with Windsor Rose to get a more pinky nude. I also love this on its own as it is a great nude, it may be a little too pink for me but still I love the texture of it.

Sicily Iris was one that I just had to have! I love dark lipsticks and this one is just perfect. It’s a dark purple, but its not too dark, it looks really dark with the packaging which is why further down I will include swatches so you can actually see that these are just perfect shades.

The main reason I love these so much, is the texture. It applies like a normal liquid lipstick would but it doesn’t go cakey! The formula is something I just can’t understand as obviously when it dries its matte, but I can’t even tell that its matte when its on. I will be looking in a mirror as I think its all come off or flaked and its exactly how I applied it 6 hours before! At ¬£6 each, this is such a bargain.

FullSizeRender 17I love them for the formula and the price. I now have four, I just need to get the other eight now and I will have the full collection, the shades they have are just gorgeous shades, it took me quite a while choosing which shades I wanted and my hand was definitely covered in quite a few swatches. I think my next one will be Cali Gerbera 010 as this was quite an orange based shade.

The swatches I have included go from the top:
Crete Carnation
Windsor Rose
Sydney Amaryllis
Sicily Iris

I definitely recommend you trying some of these products, go in to the store and speak to the staff, they always help me out when I go in!

Have you bought any of these? I’d love to know what you think! Or recommend me shades or different products.

Until next time!




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