London Fashion Week Outfit Two

So if you are following me on my social media, you may have noticed I was in London during Fashion Week, I mainly went for a university trip to do some research for my final campaign.

Obviously though I had to make an effort with my outfits, even though I was on a train both days getting from Preston to London but still.

I absolutely love London and I wish I lived there, the architecture is amazing, and obviously the shops are filled with products you can’t get anywhere else.

So last week, I uploaded my first outfit, and today I am uploading my second outfit!

Ignore the weird faces I am pulling, I am not used to having photos taken as you may have guessed! But seeing as this was the second day, I decided to keep up my efforts of trying to look nice, even though my feet were killing and it was slightly on and off being cold.

So Fur Coat is fromĀ Select, a bargain at Ā£34.99, I’m not too sure if they still have this in stock
Black long sleeved top is from Primark,Ā I think this was only about Ā£4, its a basic top I have in my wardrobe
Grey Culottes are from Next, I picked these up cheap in the winter sale at Ā£7
Black pumps are just cheap ones fromĀ Primark
Necklace is from a small shop in Nottingham.

I really love this outfit and it has become one of my go to’s purely because the culottes are extremely comfortable and thick! I had to include the three photos as I loved the location we chose in Covent Garden. I just want to go back again and enjoy all the lovely food and gossip with the girls from university.

Until next time!




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