Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar💋👁

So I know this one is clearly very delayed as it was from my makeup Revolution Christmas advent calendar so I apologise for this, however I have been extremely busy with my other posts and university work but at least were back on track now.

I think the  advent calendar was pretty amazing with the range of products you got for £30. I haven’t really posted about my makeup revolution collection before, I will definitely do a post on that one day but until then, I am quite obsessed with them as they are good quality for a cheap price!

Inside the calendar you recieve:FullSizeRender 4.jpg
6 lipsticks
2 lip glosses
1 eye primer
1 liquid highlighter
3 mono eyeshadows
2 baked blushers
1 highlighter
1 anti shine balm
1 bronzer
1 strobe cream
1 mini face brush
1 mini foundation brush
1 mini angled brush
1 mini eyeshadow brush
1 makeup mirror
1 eyeshadow palette

Obviously, when you look at the pictures, you will notice a few of these missing… this is because my mum decided she wanted to start using makeup again so I allowed her to steal a few of my pieces.

The pieces I have kept are the lipsticks, one of the lip glosses, all of the eyeshadows, baked blushers, brushes, eye primer, liquid highlighter, anti shine balm, strobe cream, eyeshadow palette.

Timg_4208he eyeshadow palette is the Redemption palette, I find this is a great one for a dark grungy look with a smokey effect, it has quite a lot of dark glitters in and normally I go for a matte look but I do love this one for when I want a change. I find the quality of this is quite good to say these are normally only around £3-4 for a palette!


img_8678img_9608So the next images are the lipsticks I got in my advent calendar, even though some of these look very similar they’re actually quite different so I have swatched these, I have gone in order of the photo of the lipsticks as well so the first purple on the left is the first line of the swatches. The swatch is with 3 stripes so I feel I have to apply this a few times just to gain full effect of the lipsticks.

img_5073img_9415The next set of images are close ups of a few of the other products, from the eyeshadows to the blushers/bronzers, you can see which are different, the colours aren’t any different with swatches unlike the lipsticks. I quite like how these are quite small as it means I can chuck them in my bag especially the anti shine balm! Even though I love makeup revolution, I don’t think the mono ones are that great, I would rather purchase a bigger palette as it means I get more shades for my money, but I do know a lot of people prefer using the monos as then they can make their own palette.

I love the little mini makeup brushes as they’re just small enough to fit in my handbag so I can top up my makeup throughout the day if it gets to the point of needing it.

Quick side note, the advent calendar is still for sale on the Tam beauty website and its only £15! so if you fancy trying any of these products, I would definitely recommend getting this at the cheaper price.


Until next time,






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