The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil💁🏻

So you’ve seen all my other posts about my The Body Shop products. Well this week it’s all about the camomile cleansing oil!

To begin with I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this product after using the camomile eye makeup remover and it stinging my eyes. However, I absolutely love this product. It’s such an easy and quick product to use.

I use about two pumps and rub it all over my face, including the eye area to remove all of my eye makeup and then wet my muslin cloth and gently wipe away all the makeup. I think you can use more if you need to do, but its such a great product because it goes so far when applying it onto your face.

I tend to do this once but apply a few more pumps if I feel like there is still makeup left on my face.

Not only does this wipe away all of my makeup, but it also leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft. Obviously I then apply my night cream to make my skin feel a little bit better after wearing makeup all day.

My muslin cloth is a wonder as it makes removing my makeup so easy! Even though after using it my cloth is covered in makeup and needs washing quite a few times but even so it’s fabulous.

I could always buy a few more to save me washing them so much but being on a student budget stops me from doing that!

Apparently they now some new camomile butters which does the same thing, has anyone tried these? Would love to know about them!

Until next time




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