They’re Real Big Sexy Lip Kit💄

So I completely forgot that I bought the they’re real lip kit until my flat mate (Claire Joules) mentioned timg_5695hat the full sizes had been released. obviously this shows how many different lip products I actually own…oops!

To begin with, I wasn’t sure if I liked the lip kits as the lip liner is a different colour to the rest. I didn’t know if this would suit me or if I would look daft. I used to spend all my free time at the benefit stand in the boots near me as I just love the products, as you may already know, and the woman who works there (she now knows me by name I went that often) spoke me through them and explained how they worked and let me try them to see if I did actually like them or not.

Of course, I ended up liking them. My fave is Flame Game which is an orange based colour. Not all of these colours will suit everything and I think that is was a great way releasing them as a kit so you can try them cheaper before releasing the full sized ones. My second fave would have to be Lusty Rose as this is more of a pinky nude, perfect for a day where you don’t want bright lips. img_3105

Individually these are now released at £16.50 each but they have been very sneaky and released more shades than what was included in the Big Sexy Lip Kit.
Even though I wasn’t sure on them to begin with, the most amazing part of them is that the lip liner is combined, it saves so much time in a morning!

fullsizerender-5They are also very hydrating, I love a matte finish but I can go without that for how great these are at moisturising my lips throughout a full day at work.

I definitely need to start wearing these more and making the most out of those purchases I completely forget about!

Have you tried these? what do you think? let me know!

Until next time,








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