Corky’s Schnapps Celebrations­čŹ╣

IMG_1579.JPGSo this post is later than I had hoped, time wise and date wise. I was wanting to post this at the beginning of the week and have another post scheduled for today but my degree / dissertation seems to have taken over my life but that will be explained at a later date!

If you saw, on Friday I was fortunate enough to go to an event, you probably saw all the cocktails and glitter and thought what the hell?
Well I was in my element, I was loving life.

I was lucky enough to have been invited to Corky’s Schnapps blogger event showcasing their new glitter range, sneak peek its amazing!

This was my second blogger event, and to be honest I was fairly nervous as I didn’t know anyone going and it was in Manchester, but I went shopping before hand and treated myself (that will also come at a later date).

So on arrival, I had no idea where I was going, the event was held at Dive which I have never been to before, but the set up for this event was amazing.

from the glitter (The Gypsy Shrine) to the selfies (Selfie Sisters), this was going to be a great night and I was fortunate enough to make two new friends! Lacey and Jess, Lacey is also a blogger so make sure to head over to her after this ( .


I had such an amazing night, from the first drink (which I’m sure was prosecco mixed with their raspberry Corky’s Schnapps), this drink was amazing as it was a lovely refreshing change from the typical glass of prosecco.

I was given this on arrival from Catherine, who I had been liaising with over this event, it was lovely to put a face to a name and she explained everything that was going to be happening over the night and what to expect. I was also handed an envelope which had my name and blog name on, it was the added touches which made it all amazing.

Inside the envelope were little cards with glitter on the back, which gave us a glitter makeover, selfie image, cocktails and a masterclass. I mean how much better could this event get?

Theres so many photos I want to share with you from this event that I’m going to include a slideshow down at the bottom.

One more thing I’m going to tell you all about, was the food. I mean I like food like everyone else does, but these guys made the best little slider burgers which had edible glitter on! I ended up literally covered in glitter, with the glitter under my eyes to on my lips. I can guarantee my mum is glad I wasn’t going back to hers with all that glitter.

But I just want to say a big thank you to the event planners, to Corky’s, to the girls with Gypsy Shrine and The Selfie Sisters, you guys definitely know how to throw a party!

To make the night even better, when we all eventually said goodbye to the glitter and alcohol, we were given a goodie bag!

This goodie bag consisted of a big bottle of the blueberry Corkys Schnapps, some false nails (which we all know I love), some sweets, straws, and a little set of goodies from Kiehl’s which I can not wait to try! But after having our glitter done, we were also gifted some glitter from the lovely Gypsy Shrine.

IMG_1655.JPGOo I completely forget to tell you all that I actually ended up making my own cocktail…..and it was nice! With the help of Jess (who is a bartender) and the actual bartender, I was talked through the basics and let loose.

So I ended up making a mango Corky’s Schnapps mixed with triple sec, topped with cranberry juice. It sounds disgusting, but look at how amazing it looks! I was shocked and amazed at the fact I had managed to make that. If my career doesn’t pan out, ill probably venture into cocktail creation.

I also forgot to mention, I met the lovely Clarke Couture who shared my love and passion for journalism and writing. She definitely has the best job with the gypsy shrine so you should definitely check her out!


I hope you all liked this post and definitely go check out the people I’ve mentioned and don’t forget to engage with me on social media!

Until next time



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