Life Update

So as you have properly guessed, I’ve had a lot going on at the minute. 

Hence why this post is later than my usual Monday post and I missed my Saturday post at the weekend. This is just because my uni work has taken over. 

After the Easter holidays, I have only a couple of weeks left of my degree, meaning all my work needs to be completed and handed in… scary! So that’s a short version of why my posts aren’t as regular as they normally are, however when I eventually get some free time I will definitely get back to writing and scheduling my usual posts. 

Seeing as I’m doing an update post, I wanted to let you all know that with my role as Lifestyle Editor for The Pulse, the students union newspaper, I was nominated and shortlisted for Media Newcomer of the year, on Thursday it was the union awards and I ended up winning!

I’m still in shock but so grateful to everyone for helping me get this far. 
I have recently bought a few new products so as soon as I have tried those out I will be updating you all and hopefully soon I will be posting images and sneak peeks of my degree campaign. 

But until then, I shall get on with the rest of my degree and update you again soon!

Until next time




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