Saturday Night Pamper

So after the hectic week of uni work, and one day off Saturday night was my night of pamper. I think I deserved it after applying for over 20 jobs as well. 

My pampering started off with wiping my makeup off with my new garnier micellar gel wash. I have to say this is quite amazing for my skin! I wasn’t sure on how I would get on with this as I’m touch and go with the micellar water. But I would highly recommend this as a way to remove your makeup! I only ended up buying this as I left my body shop camomile oil in Preston but I’m fairly happy with it. 

Next on my list was the garnier pure active intense daily exfobrusher. Again, I bought this as I left everything else in Preston, but I bought this on offer in Morrisons for just £5, can’t really complain at a skincare bargain! This is quite strange, the first time I used it I couldn’t get my head around it, you have to unlock it to release the gel and then lock it again, but it’s a good way to not waste any.  I like this as it’s a great way to exfoliate your face without having to buy an extra product! 

This combination is great and I actually look forward to using these as night to clean my face as I can actually feel the dirt coming off, gross I know. 

Following on from those every day treatments, I then used Superdrug’s orange and black lava exfoliating mask which was an amazing mask, it had a slight tingle to it and the best part, after applying to my face there’s some left over for next time! I love Superdrug’s own face masks as they’re always great for money and they make my skin feel super soft after. The only downside to this one would be it took a little bit extra to clean off but I think that may have been because it’s an exfoliating one. 

Last but not least, I then used the deep conditioning hair treatment mask, this was the Manuka and honey one. I would definitely recommend this if you have slightly dry and damaged hair like me. I only used one sachet and I wish I had bought two as it didn’t seem to cover my hair enough. Obviously I used it as best I could and my ends did end up feeling lovely and soft but I just wish the rest of my hair did! But if you feel your hair needs a little pamper, I would recommend this! 

The hair and face masks were included in a 3 for 2 so I would highly recommend these if you’re wanting a face mask night but don’t want to break the bank. 

The next step was my body shop sleeping cream, that will get its own post as I absolutely love that product. 

Until next time




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