Corky’s Celebrations­čŹ╣

So if you’ve seen a few posts back, I was fortunate enough to attend Corky’s blogger event, which was absolutely fantastic. Heres a link to that post.­čîŞ

Well at that event, I was gifted a bottle of their lovely blueberry glitter schnapps, obviously as a university student you don’t turn down alcohol, you make cocktails!

Especially when finishing your final work, it is the best idea to make cocktails.
I had previously used this when I went home for Easter and made cocktails for myself and my mum, silly me didn’t take any photos but I did make:

Cola Cranberry Glitter
25ml @corkysschnapps blueberry glitter
25ml vodka
50ml Cranberry Juice
Topped with cola and a few cola bottles­čŹş

Definitely one of the nicest drinks I’ve ever made myself, especially when you have that sweet tooth but need a little bit of vodka.

My latest cocktail I made was the day after I finished my degree, this I’ve named:IMG_2437.JPG

Peachy Lemonade Schnapps
2 shots of peach schnapps

2 shots of @corkysschnapps blueberry glitter
Topped with lemonade
And a few little jelly beans won’t hurt anyone ­čŹČ


This one I remembered to take photos of, even if I did want to drink this straight away.

What cocktails have you made recently? I’d love to know and get some inspiration!

Until next time




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