Slug and Lettuce Spinningfields🍾

So if you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen on Wednesday (17th) I was fortunate enough to have been invited to Slug and Lettuce in Spinningfields with a few other bloggers for a cocktail master class as well as sampling their new menu launch.

This came at the perfect time for me as I had just finished University on Monday so it was the perfect excuse to celebrate.

IMG_2540The night started off with the lovely Ruth talking us through how to make a mojito, but before this was a glass of prosecco and a quick chat with the other bloggers, heres a link to their instagrams so you can have a look at what theyre also up to:
I can not remember how you end up making a mojito but I’m not going to lie, I am very impressed with how it turned out and I even got Ruth’s as well. From what I remember you first add around 5 slices of limes and you have to mash this up, this was definitely very fun! Another fun bit was adding around 4/5 leaves of mint which you clap to release the minty aroma. Then you add a sugar syrup and some run, the best bit, I can’t remember how much we added but I’m sure if you add about half a shot and then add, it just depends on how strong you like your drinks.
Add crushed ice (we made such a mess at this stage), stir this from the bottom up, making even more of a mess, top up with soda water and more crushed ice. Decorate with more lime and mint and you’re sorted. Yum.

The second drink we made was a Cosmopolitan, this was a great night making my two favourite cocktails.
I’m not 100% sure on how we made this but bare with me.
To begin with we added 2 shots of Absolut Citron, followed by a shot of cranberry juice.
Add in half a shot of triple sec and half a shot of lime juice. I can’t remember if we added the ice before the liquid or after but add this in, then here comes the fun part, shaking the cocktail. Obviously place a cocktail shaker over the glass you’ve just been using (at a slight angle) before shaking so to not get it everywhere.

I dont really know how long you’re supposed to shake this till, but I did it until my hands got cold. Hit the glass on its side to loosen off, once you’ve taken off the glass you was initially working with and have the drinks content in the shaker, grab a strainer and hold this over your glass. Preferably into a martini/Manhattan style glass. Garnish with a slightly burnt orange peel and you’re done.

IMG_2535This was a great start to the event, we then got taken to a table to enjoy the food they were sampling out to many individuals.
Not going to lie, the food was incredible. With the first being Crab and prawn Mac and cheese balls, sounds disgusting but were actually amazing.
We got to try out so many different things, from what I can remember we tried:IMG_2537

Crispy tempura vegetables with Virgin Mary ketchup
Lightly spiced BBQ chicken skewers with mango & pineapple salsa
Beer- battered onion rings

Mini bean burger slider
Mini beef burger slider
Fish finger sliders
Halloumi slider
Sweet potato fries

They also had calamari and jalapeño poppers, however I’m not a fan of those but the other girls seemed to love them!

IMG_2536We also got to try out some desserts, the best thing ever as I have such a sweet tooth!

Strawberry Scone Bites
Warm Brownie Bites
Cookie Crumb Profiteroles

Lemon & Lime Tart Wedges
Nutty Bites and Coconut Macaroons (Mini warm nutty pistachio & almond bites, mini coconut macaroons)
Clotted Cream Cheesecake Bites

All of these were absolutely incredible, I think my favourite was the cookie crumb profiterole, such an amazing indulgence for those with a sweet tooth.

Have you been to Slug and Lettuce recently? What did you think of their new menu?


Let me know what you tried!

Until next time




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